Pass Plus – What’s it all about?

pass plus driving courseWell  basically Pass Plus is a scheme that’s been designed by the Driving Standards Agency and also the motor insurance and driving instruction industries that will enable newly qualified drivers to gain that extra bit of confidence and experience once they have successfully passed their driving test.

Pass Plus will offer many great benefits that will include:

  • Developing your current skills
  • Help you learn new skills and also new techniques
  • Will help to improve your awareness and also your anticipation
  • Will help to reduce the risk of any accidents
  • Will help you to keep a considerate and courteous attitude when you are out and about on the road

When you’re a Pass Plus pupil you will display green “P” plates on the vehicle.

Pass Plus lessons will include:

  • All weather driving
  • Town driving
  • Rural roads
  • Out of town driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Night time driving
  • Motorway driving

With Pass Plus you can get discounts on car insurance and you can get an extra no claims bonus that can help reduce your car insurance premiums.

So as you can see Pass Plus offers newly qualified drivers that extra level of tuition that will enable them to feel that much more confident and comfortable when driving on a wide range of roads.

I offer newly qualified drivers Pass Plus and will look forward in helping you gain the extra confidence you need to be fully prepared for whatever roads you will encounter once you are a fully qualified driver.

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